Experience Highlights

We have been involved in literally hundreds of assignments, covering all areas of environmental engineering, plant utilities and chemical processes, as well as many of the traditional engineering disciplines. However, the following key points can provide an idea of our unique capabilities:

  • During the past two years, TCG has become one of the very few firms in the world with hands-on experience in the planning and design of processes for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) facilities for production of power and desalinated water.

  • We have been heavily involved in the planning and development of water infrastructure for Puerto Rico since the firm was founded. Our founder, JosÚ A. MartÝ, has been working in the field since 1977, when he was employed by the UPR Water Resources Research Institute. This experience provides us with extensive familiarity with the history, characteristics and needs of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority.

  • Performance of the Study of Independent ("Non-PRASA") water supply systems in Puerto Rico has provided us with extensive knowledge of the needs and conditions of community water systems throughout the Island. We have prepared multiple process and detailed analyses of problems involving water and wastewater treatment facilities, including process evaluations and development of corrective action plans.

  • We have designed multiple water and wastewater management facilities for industrial and municipal clients, including several pioneering facilities.We are the acknowledged authority in work related to the PRASA industrial pretreatment and surcharge regulations, having been involved in more than 45 assignments to date. We were engaged by the PRASA/Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association joint committee as the principal consultants for the revision of the PRASA pretreatment regulations in 1993-94.

  • In collaboration with a related firm, we operated a dedicated treatability laboratory, with capabilities to conduct bench and pilot scale testing on any liquid effluent, using any type of process. Over 12 major treatability or pilot studies for complex industrial effluents (including some never successfully treated before) were conducted since 1989. The laboratory can be reactivated on short notice, if required.

  • We are one of the leading designers of municipal advanced wastewater treatment facilities in Puerto Rico (Sabana Grande, Cayey, Utuado and Lajas), all full BNR plants).

  • We are one of the very few consulting firms capable of providing water quality, emissions  and process modeling services in Puerto Rico using local resources.

  • Solid experience with clean utility systems such as WFI, Purified Water, RO Water, Process Air, Process Nitrogen and Clean Steam for pharmaceutical and other critical applications.

  • Vast experience with plant utility systems such as Plant Steam, Chilled Water, Soft Water, Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Fuel Oil and Fire Water.

  • Solid experience in chemical process systems such as chemical reactors, distillation columns and heat transfer operations.

  • Our experience in air quality covers all types of industries and utilities and ranges from simple permit applications to Federal Title V and PSD permits and major source testing. Multiple assignments involving stormwater and runoff management and quality issues

  • Vast experience in environmental property assessment and in transactional and operational environmental auditing. Our vast experience allows us to detect potential trouble spots before major problems occur.

  • Vast experience in handling unconventional assignments where major multi disciplinary skills are required. Examples include the management of mortuary science wastes; permitting of funeral crematoria; and several projects involving major public controversies and litigation.

  • Capabilities for total turnkey execution (design/build/operate) for environmental and other related projects.

  • TCG has been involved in hundreds of projects, ranging from simple permitting to the design and construction of multimillion-dollar facilities. Our experience allows us to address the needs of any client, with services of the highest quality, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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