We are one of the pioneers in this type of work in Puerto Rico. In 1981, prior to the founding of TCG, our principal directed assessment and cleanup activities at a heavily contaminated abandoned pharmaceutical site in Puerto Rico, the first such investigation conducted under CRCLA protocols on the Island. After TCG was founded in 1983, our assessment practice continued. This was before site assessments were routinely required by lenders, and also before ASTM and EPA current standards were developed. Our services are not only limited to site assessments under commonly-used ASTM protocols, but can also extend to detailed reviews of environmental practices and operations at major facilities, as part of due diligence activities for transactions or to assist management in assessing environmental status and/or optimizing operations. In addition, we also have extensive experience in remedial investigations and corrective actions for contaminated sites, including some of the most complex cases undertaken in Puerto Rico. Additional detailed information is available on request.


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