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Technical Consulting Group  was founded in January, 1983 by JosÚ A. MartÝ, after working for several years in engineering, project management and business development  with an international engineering organization. Objective was to provide clients with the cost-effective, high-quality services free from the constraints of a  large organization.  Since our founding, we have eschewed unnecessary frills and invested our efforts and resources in technical and project-related areas. This allows us to address the needs of clients in a highly cost-effective manner. A prime consideration in our practice is to build long-standing relations based on trust. Over the last 10 years, over 85% of our work has been  for repeat clients, some of which we have served since we started operations.

We are presently capable of handling projects of any size and complexity. Assignments handled range from simple permitting and assistance in regulatory compliance to the planning, design and construction of multimillion dollar facilities. Although we gladly undertake any project,  through our history we have  particularly enjoyed assignments where multi disciplinary skills are  required. Examples include environmental aspects of correctional operations, management of mortuary science wastes, permitting of funeral crematoria, and several projects involving major public controversies and litigation. We are often retained to provide  technical and scientific support to attorneys engaged in environmental matters. We have also assisted agencies and stakeholder groups in development of rational regulations, and in assessing the impacts that proposed laws and regulations will have on society.

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