For Offshore Infrastructure Associates, Inc. (OIA), a developer of alternative energy systems, TCG has provided consulting, planning and engineering services aimed at commercialization of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) systems. Work included assistance in powerblock analysis and designs, assistance in identification of potential locations, engineering required to support proposals for commercial facilities (closed and hybrid cycles) to be implemented on a BOT basis, analysis of environmental impacts, and economic and financial analyses. Coordination of a multi disciplinary project team, including specialists in thermal sciences, ocean engineering, and economics from multiple global locations was required. Locations for potential implementation include Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Guam. Along more conventional lines, TCG has also performed evaluations for cogeneration of electric power and steam using microturbines, waste heat recovery, and has provided services to petroleum refineries and fuel producers and marketers.



Schematic of the OTEC closed cycle, used for power generation from thermal differentials in deep tropical waters.


Conceptual diagram of proposed offshore commercial OTEC power plant, Eastern Puerto Rico. Some components omitted for clarity.


Site Assessments



Program Management


Municipal Water and Wastewater

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